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In February 2003, Eastern Pearl Co., Ltd. officially took the first step as Mold Flux domestic manufacturing firm. The steel industry has grown dramatically in the last few decades, thus the importance and demand for flux have been continuously increasing.

In keeping with this, we have organized technical team of experienced workers with the iron and steel industry and have been concentrating on the development of field-applied technology. Also, we have formed a technical partnership with INTOCAST AG which is a Germany leading mold flux manufacturing company and have been exchanging information on state-of-the-art technologies as the apart of an effort to achieve quality enhancement and diversification of products.

To be a reliable partner who always provides the best products to our customers, we have set up strong corporate philosophies and stuck to them enthusiastically.

  • First, we pay close attention to the quality assurance on site.
  • Second, we strengthen on-site services for customer satisfaction.
  • Third, we deliver superior price and quality competitions comparing with other companies.
We will continue our endeavor to become a global leading company and accelerate our competitive edge in product quality. Also, we promise to provide the highest standards in customer satisfaction.

We look forward to your continuing interest and support to be the top Flux domestic manufacturing firm.

Thank you.

Eastern Pearl CEO

TEL : 063-546-2626 | FAX : 063-547-8328
ADDRESS : 170, Yongma-ro, Hwangsan-myeon, Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea (zip code: 54353)
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