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Mold Flux Welcome to Eastern Pearl

The Role of Mold Flux

  • Ensuring uniform heat transfer from strand ot mold
  • Lubricate the strand
  • Protect the molten steel against reoxidation
  • Thermally insulate the top surface of the molten pool
  • Absorbing inclusions that rise to the mental surface

Features of Eastern Pearl Products

  • With the capability of producing ultra-fine powder and granule, we produce goods with excellent heat insulation and fusibility. Thus, we can stabilize the work process and enhance the product quality.
  • Major elements: CaO, SiO, NaO, AlO, MgO, F, LiO, ZrO, MnO, FeO, TiO, C
  • Major raw materials: Ore powder from wollastonite, Limestone, Fluorite, Cryolite, Cement, Bauxite, and Graphite.
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