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Production Technology
Research & Development Welcome to Eastern Pearl
We place top prionity on enhancement of the product quality and development of new products.
In order to achieve this goal, we have equipped with an array of R&D measuring equipments to rigorous
quality control and continuous research activities.

Analysis equipment

Name of Facilities Manufacturer
High temperature viscometer TA Instruments (U.S.A)
XRF-ZSX Rigaku (Japan)
XRF-ZSX Primusą▒ Rigaku (Japan)
Hot Stage Microscope (Melting Point) Misura (Italy)
Viscometer Haake (German)
C.S-200 Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer Leco (U.S.A)
C-744 Carbon Analyzer Leco (U.S.A)
900í╔ Electric Furnace Ajeon (Korea)
1600í╔ Electric Furnace Ajeon (Korea)
Bead Sampler Claise Fluxy Claisse (Canada)
Bead Sampler XRFuse2 XrfScientific (Austaila)
Ball mill RockLabs (NewZealand)
Water Purification System Vivagen (Korea)
Dry Oven Vision (Korea)
Shaker Retsch (German)
F Analyzer -
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